The Magic of Holistic Grooming


The Magic of Holistic Grooming

“A No-Nonsense Guide On How To Pawsitively Groom Your Dog With Less Stress”

What You Can Expect…

The history of preserving life across every species of the Animal Kingdom proves that grooming, in its truest form, is in fact an ancient and scientific practice that helps to keep animals healthy, happy, and well-connected to their social groups.

Yet, when we think of ‘professional’ animal grooming today, we consider it more to be about the aesthetics, and might even refer to it in the Pet Industry as ‘professional styling’.

The difference between this and Holistic Grooming - the concept of this book - is more than just fur deep, however.

This book not only covers the definition, the role, and the important of Holistic Grooming in the Pet Industry, but also explores the history and science of grooming back to its very basics. It explores our early relationship with dogs, and shows how we either willingly - or mistakenly - treat grooming as something that is purely for aesthetic trims. But through tackling myths head-on and providing key information in a way that the most forward-thinking Pet Industry Professionals are sure to lap up, this book explores grooming in a ‘whole’ new light.

Behaviour, body-language, communication… it’s all covered in this book, and through reading it, you’ll see the world of grooming through the eyes of a dog. In doing this, you’ll learn the steps you can take to groom holistically; not only preserving and promoting the health and wellbeing of dogs, but making the whole process much less stressful for yourself - as well as for the four legged friends who you share your home with.

The Magic of Holistic Grooming will take you on an enlightening, and somewhat emotional journey into the true purpose of grooming, and explore why it is, in fact, a form of natural medicine of which we should all be taking a dose.

The Holistic Dog Groomer

Crowned “Scotland’s Best Pet Influencer 2020”, allow us to introduce the Holistic Dog Groomer!

She is bold, sassy, and on a mission to help as many groomers, and guardians implement a more holistic grooming approach, as possible.

Take a deep breath, and prepare yourself for a pivoting journey into the good, the bad and the ugly of the Pet Industry, and how holistic grooming may just be the saviour that we have all been waiting for! 

Are you ready?

The Team Behind The Scenes

Giving thanks to the wonderful professionals who helped to make ‘The Magic of Holistic Grooming’ Pawsible.


If you would like to collaborate, or arrange an interview please use the details below. 

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Book Launch - March 29th 2021.

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