Education Is Evergreen

“Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela

Did you know?

A wolf cub will be allowed ample time to investigate potential threats as part of their development. Meanwhile an adult wolf will stand back and observe the cubs judgment, sometimes as long as ten minutes.

This is a vital learning exercise.

When we compare our own parenting to that of a wolves, can we say that we allow our own children to face certain threats with the freedom to make their own choices?

If we did, might we find that our children would display more confidence in later life, or do you think we would find that our children would be put under unnecessary harm?

Did you know?

Current legislation regarding our Dangerous Dog Act 1991, Control of Dog (Scotland) Act 2010, and Breed Standard Legislation do not require authorised officials to have any background/knowledge on canine behaviour, or even a familiarity with breeds themselves.

This means that your dog could be seized merely for displaying normal behaviours that an unfamiliar person deems “dangerous”, say barking at the postman?

What’s more, many struggle to even identify certain breed types often resulting in wrongful seizure of speculated “banned breeds”.

How confident are you that they can even tell the difference between a dog, and say your Gerbil?!

Did you know?

Dogs like humans experience Primary Emotions, and even some of our more advanced Secondary Emotions too!

What’s more, the inability to express feelings using normal behaviours results in the suppression of emotions.

The risks of which include an increased chance of a fight/flight response in the dog and behaviours which many of us describe as “undesirable”.

Therefore, allowing our dogs to express feeling in a safe way, will not only result in a happier and healthier dog, but a more harmonious home and/or work environment.

Engaging and Interesting

Rest assured readers will be taken on a journey through the pet industry, and how holistic grooming is in fact, a fundamental part of living with a dog.

Book Launch - March 29th 2021.

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